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Seasons Club New Membership

Seasons Club New Membership

You are invited to join the Crown Point Press Seasons Club 2014-2015. Crown Point introduced the Seasons Club more than 20 years ago. It is a special opportunity to begin or expand your art collection.

When you join the Seasons Club you may purchase, during the months of July and August, at half price, any Crown Point Press print that was released in 2009 or earlier and is in our regular available inventory. Proofs, unique prints, portfolios, or sets of prints are not included.

During each season throughout the year you may purchase another half-price print, provided you buy-at the same time-a different full-price print of equal or higher value. Seasonal half-price prins must be dated 2009 or earlier and cannot be proofs, unique prints, portfolios, or sets of prints. 2014-2015 Seasons are: Summer: June-July-August; Fall: September-October-November; Winter: December-January-February; Spring: March-April-May.

You will also receive Overview, Crown Pointís quarterly newsletter as well as invitations to Crown Point openings and other special events.

New membership dues are $50 a year, and once you are a member renewal each year is $35.

To select your print, visit our gallery in San Francisco or go to, where most available inventory is listed. Our Summer Choices group show on view now in the gallery features possible club selections.

You will not be charged for the shipping cost when you purchase online.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days


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