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Know That You Are Lucky: A Memoir by Kathan Brown

NEW! Know That You Are Lucky:
A memoir by Kathan Brown

“Kathan Brown, the founder and guiding spirit of Crown Point Press, has written frequently about the artists with whom she has worked, and how their interactions with the discipline of printmaking has been inspirational, not in terms of technique, but in the sense of how one lives one’s life. In this highly readable volume, she meditates on art, ethics, memory and loss, and tells a lot of great stories into the bargain.” Susan Tallman, Art in Print, 2013

If you'd like your copy signed by Kathan Brown, please let us know and also if you'd like it to be dedicated to anyone in particular!

Crown Point Press, October 2012. Hardcover, 376 pp, with black and white illustrations and 48 color reproductions.

You can also purchase a copy for your Kindle or for your iPad. Visit for the Kindle version, and the iTunes store for your iPad.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days


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