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Bryan Hunt: Sculpture & Drawings

Bryan Hunt: Sculpture & Drawings

With an essay by Debra Bricker Balkan. 34 pages with color reproductions. Published by the Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, 1998.

From the essay:

"Bryan Hunt has referred to his recent series of sculptures as evocations of the 'ultimate found object.' Like the primordial stones, megaliths and tumili sited in differing geopolitical landscapes to mark an ancient grave or ritualistis place, Hunt's Cairns are imbued with a certain enigma that stems from the seeming nautalness of these amorphous, rock-like shapes. Made either of cast stone or bronze, the alternatively textured and planar surfaces of the Cairns read as fragments of stone, here configured in opposing vertical and horizontal alignments that are suggestive of cross-sections or details of a seismic uplift or geological fissure or cleft. As abstractions of natural forces and forms, these sculptures resist fixed narrative meaning or content, operating more as metaphors for the undulating and frequently discordant rhythms of the earth's geophysical movements. Heavily modeled and creviced, Hunt has likened the Cairns to asteroids or meteors, a comparison that also reinforces the overall sense of dislocation that pervades these works."

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