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Musicage: Cage Muses on Art, Words and MusicMusicage: Cage Muses on Art, Words and Music"I was obliged to find a radical way to work--to get at the real, at the root of the matter."-John Cage Published by Wesleyan University Press, 1996.

John Cage Etchings 1978-1982John Cage Etchings 1978-1982This catalog was published to accompany an exhibition at Crown Point Press of John Cage's etchings, in 1982. Included, along with black and white illustrations of seven series of prints, is an essay by Kathan Brown, a mesostic written by Cage, and a chronology of the artist's career by Anne d'Harnoncourt.

Published by Crown Point Press, 1982. 60 pages

Richard Diebenkorn: EtchingsRichard Diebenkorn: EtchingsA bit of Crown Point History: Collectible Ephemera. An exhibition brochure announcing the series of prints, Clubs and Spades. Nine pages, with nine images, six in color, and an essay by Kathan Brown. Published by Crown Point Press, 1982.

Bryan Hunt: Sculpture & DrawingsBryan Hunt: Sculpture & DrawingsWith an essay by Debra Bricker Balkan. 34 pages with color reproductions. Published by the Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, 1998.

Al Held: The Evolution of StyleAl Held: The Evolution of StylePublished on the occasion of the exhibition and organized by the University Art Museum, College of the Arts, California State University, Long Beach, 2008.

Alex Katz: A Print RetrospectiveAlex Katz: A Print RetrospectiveExhibition catalog. Essay by Barry Walker. Published by The Brooklyn Museum and Burton Skira, Inc., New York, 1987. 109 pp.

Sol LeWitt: Recent Work (2004)Sol LeWitt: Recent Work (2004)Sol LeWitt, whose abstract work relates to both Conceptual and Minimal art, created a wall drawing in situ for this exhibition at the Katonah Museum of Art, a vibrant latticework of primary colors. There are many color illustrations of the art works.

Fabliaux: Tom Marioni Fairy TalesFabliaux: Tom Marioni Fairy TalesWebster's defines Fabliaux as "short, usually comic, frankly coarse, and often cynical tales in verse popular in the 12th and 13th centuries." The book's color illustrations provide a survey of etchings and woodblock prints made by the author over the past thirty years.

Out-of-Body Free-Hand CirclesOut-of-Body Free-Hand CirclesMarioni's Out-of Body Free-Hand Circles combine his interest in the circle with his long-term practice of making action drawings that document his body's measurements and motions.

 Beer, Art and Philosophy: A Memoir by Tom Marioni Beer, Art and Philosophy: A Memoir by Tom MarioniThe subtitle of Marioni's art autobiography is the title of one of his best known pieces, The Act of Drinking Beer with Friends is the Highest Form of Art.

Tom Marioni: Writings on Conceptual ArtTom Marioni: Writings on Conceptual ArtA collection of writings by California's pioneer of conceptual art. Written by Tom Marioni. 84 pages, no illustrations. Published by Crown Point Press, 2000.

Tom Marioni: Trees and BirdsTom Marioni: Trees and BirdsWritten by Marcia Tanner, curator of the exhibit. Softcover, with 56 pages and color reproductions. Published by Mills College, Oakland, CA, 1999.

Tom Marioni: Sculpture & InstallationsTom Marioni: Sculpture & InstallationsA compendium of works by the artist. Published and written by the artist, 1999. 72 pages with color and black and white reproductions.

Nathan OliveiraNathan OliveiraExhibition catalog with an essay by Dore Ashton. 36 pages with 14 full color plates. Published by DC Moore Gallery, New York, 2005.

S Book S Book By Ed Ruscha. 27 color images, no text. Published by Ed Ruscha with a grant from the Coutts Contemporary Art Foundation, Zurich, 2001. 54 pages. Limited edition of 2,000 copies.

Shahzia Sikander: NemesisShahzia Sikander: NemesisAn exhibition catalog that accompanied the exhibit Shahzia Sikander: Nemesis at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Connecticut and the Tang Teaching Museum and Art Museum at Skidmore College, New York.

Wayne Thiebaud: CityscapesWayne Thiebaud: CityscapesExhibition catalog with an interview with the artist by Richard Wollheim. 52 pages with color reproductions. Published by Campbell-Thiebaud Gallery, San Francisco, 1993.

Wayne Thiebaud: Figurative Works 1959-1994Wayne Thiebaud: Figurative Works 1959-1994Exhibition catalog. Published by the Wiegand Gallery, College of Notre Dame, Belmont, CA, 1994

William T. WileyWilliam T. WileyAn exhibition brochure announcing the series of prints titled, in part, Now Here's that Blame Treaty, with an interview with the artist by Constance Lewallen.

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